NORAC – Your carbon neutral panel partner - NORAC
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NORAC – Your carbon neutral panel partner


Norac strives to be a conscious company that takes care of the world we operate in. This means, among other things to actively work to reduce climate change and its well documented consequences.

We are happy to announce that we are still a CARBON FOOTPRINT STANDARD assessed organization.

This means we are:

  • Assessing our organizational emissions and the product footprint of our panels through a transparent and comprehensive Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) from cradle-to-gate. This includes the process from the extraction and processing of virgin raw materials, the production, packaging, the transport of these components to our factory and product distribution.
  • Reducing our own carbon footprint through efficiency measures and reviewing our whole production process.
  • Compensating emissions by planting Mangrove trees in collaboration with the Thor Heyerdahl climate park in Myanmar.