Welcome to Norac Headquarters in Norway - NORAC
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Norac's headquarter in Arendal, Norway

Welcome to Norac Headquarters

Many of our customers have been visited by the pleasant people that are working for Norac, but never been at our Norwegian Headquarters.  Norac Headquarters is located south in Norway, in the beautiful costal city of Arendal.

Norac HQ has today a staff of 24 persons, this includes sales, project, technical, IT, finance and management group.  All these people, in addition to our factories in Lithuania and China, are key elements for Norac to deliver top standard products and service to our customers. If you want to put a face to the name, please press on contact us in the top right corner, and you will see pictures and contact information of Norac HQ employees. Below you can see some selected photos of our Headquarters.