PCR laboratory at sea on the VIKING STAR - NORAC, Norway
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VIKING announces completion of first PCR laboratory at sea on the VIKING STAR


NORAC Panels and doors make up the cruise industry’s first, at sea PCR laboratory.

“To be trusted with deliveries in such a high-profile project is a testament
to NORAC’s reputation as a dependable manufacturer”

Managing director Rune Aarrestad, Norac AS

Viking announced today that it has completed installation of the first full-scale PCR laboratory at sea. The Laboratory is built using NORAC panels and doors delivered trough turnkey installation company NORWEGIAN MARINE CONSTRUCTION.

This new onboard facility – an industry first – allows for unprecedented testing capacity in the cruise industry, enabling Viking to conduct PCR testing of all crew members and guests with a non-invasive saliva test. The laboratory has enough capacity for daily testing of every crew member and guest, which provides flexibility to respond to COVID-19 prevalence levels around the world.