Norac has developed new cabin doors - NORAC, Norway
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Norac has developed new Cabin DoorS

Norac has in the last 12 months developed a new Cabin Door (N-CD-II) together with one of our customers. We have also developed a Cabin Connection door (N-CCD) for connecting two cabins to a family cabin. Both doors have passed the B-15 fire test.

Last week Norac performed sound testing of both doors at the Maritime Advanced Research Centre Environmental Laboratories Division in Gdansk, Poland.

Our N-CD-II Cabin Door achieved a sound reduction value of  Rw=39dB, and sound reduction value of Rw = 38dB for the same door with ventilation louvre. The Cabin Connection Door, N-CCD achieved a sound reduction value of Rw=46dB.


Please see a couple of photos from the sound test: