Norac Appoints Marius Gyberg Haugland as CEO - NORAC
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Norac Appoints Marius Gyberg Haugland as CEO

Norac announce that Marius Gyberg Haugland has been appointed new CEO of the company. He will succeed Arne Borg and assume responsibilities on 1st of March. Arne Borg is appointed Chairman of the Board from 1st of March.

Marius has a master’s degree in marine technology from NTNU and has been in Norac for almost 6 years as Chief Technical Officer.

From the same date the role of Chief Technical Officer will be filled by Øystein Etholm Ellingsen. Øystein has been in Norac for 5 years in the sales department and has experience from engineering and sales in the offshore and marine segment.

David André Solstad Rui will fill the role of Chief Financial Officer. David has had different roles in Norac’s finance department for 9 years.

CHO (acting) Marius Gyberg haugland, Norac AS
Marius Gyberg Haugland, CEO
Area Sales Manager Øystein Edholm Ellingsen
Øystein Etholm Ellingsen, CTO
David Andre Rui, Norac AS
David André Solstad Rui, CFO