Norac - a “one-stop shop” for high-quality, affordable interior systems - NORAC
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Norac – a leading manufacturer and suppler of interior systems

Norac is a leading supplier of interior systems for cruise ships, ferries, commercial vessels and offshore installations.  Headquartered in Norway, the company manufactures and distributes fire-rated walls, ceiling systems, doors, prefabricated wet units, floating floors, windows and furniture, making Norac a “one-stop shop” for high-quality, affordable interior systems for the maritime industry.

Norac products are manufactured with only first-class materials in compliance with the most exacting rules and regulations and Norac’s own strict quality control system.


The office in Arendal hosts the corporate H.Q of the Norac Group including sales, engineering and administration. Arendal is situated on the southeast coast of Norway, a popular summer resort area for Norwegians.

The company was established in 1974 and has supplied accommodation materials to more than 8000 ships worldwide. The panels systems may also be recognised as “Akerpanel” which was the brand name up to 1990.

Our Core Ideology

Norac Core Ideology

Norac is a responsible company

– what does that mean?

For Norac, to be a responsible company means to behave ethically in all aspects of business. This means that we care for the enviroment, we set good examples in the way we act towards each other as employees and the way we treat our business partners, and we always respect laws and regulations wherever we do business.

The Code of Conduct sets Norac´s ethical standards in a number of areas. All employees must be familiar with and live up to these standards. Every Norac employee, without exception, has an important role to play in maintaining Norac´s reputation as a responsible company.


We are what we do!

Click here to view our ethical rules

Our Carbon Footprint

Over the past two decades the effects of climate change have accelerated. Considerable evidence exists proving climate change has been exacerbated by human activity. Changes in our post-industrial lifestyles have altered the chemical composition of the atmosphere, generating a build-up of greenhouse gases – primarily carbon dioxide, methane, and nitrous oxide levels – raising the average global temperature.


The consequences of inaction will be disastrous. Sea level will continue to rise and local climate conditions to be altered causing an increase in extreme weather events, affecting forests, crop yields, and water supplies. It will also affect human health, accelerate species extinction, and disrupt many ecosystems.


Climate Change is a global threat which will impact the lives of everyone on the planet. Hence, it is vital that all individuals, businesses, organizations and governments work towards the common goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

We have therefore adopted a comprehensive approach to addressing our climate impact and taking care of our carbon footprint.

This means:

Assessing our organizational emissions and the product footprint of our panels through a transparent and comprehensive Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) from cradle-to-gate. This includes the process from the extraction and processing of virgin raw materials, the production, packaging, the transport of these components to our factory and product distribution.


Reducing our own carbon footprint through efficiency measures and reviewing our whole production process.


Compensating emissions by planting Mangrove trees in collaboration with the Thor Heyerdahl climate park in Myanmar.

Our Transparency Act 

Our quality

Certificates and approvals

The Norac companies have established a quality system covering the total activities and processes in order to meet the various demands our customers require for quality service and products. This covers both production and the whole organisation including administration, marketing and all other involved activities for the final delivery and operation of our products.


Most of our products require approval and a certificate from a classification society. These certificates show the performance according to the specific requirements for the installation.

Norac has certified the products according to lastest IMO-SOLAS regulations.


European Community has established an EU Directive on Marine Equipment that Norac complies with and have issued a DNV MED certificate, called the «wheel» mark.

Achilles JQS confirming that NORAC AS, ID 12410 is  qualified in Achilles JQS until 27-Oct-2021.

Fire classes & certificates

All products contained in this catalogue have been tested and approved according to the latest international regulations and test procedures, and are approved. In brief, our products are tested to the following fire classes:


Systems* are exposed to the fire for 30 minutes and must comply with stability and integrity requirements within this time. The specific class indications (B-0, B-15) reveals the insulation quality of the systems with regard to given temperature limits.


Systems* are exposed to the fire for 60 minutes and must comply with stability and integrity requirements within this time. The specific class indications (A-0, A-15, A-30, A-60) reveals the insulation quality of the systems with regard to given temperature limits.


Systems* are exposed to a hydro carbon fire for 2 hours. The test procedure is similar to the A-class test, but the rate of temperature rise is far mor rapid and to higher temperature level. The specific class indications (H-60, H-120) reveals the insulation quality of the systems with regard to given temperature limits.


*All systems shall be constructed of approved non-combustible materials

Norac’s head office
in Arendal, Norway

Company history

Our company was established in a fast growing Norwegian Oil- and Offshore Market. Our founder, Fred Olsen & Co, was an initiator for the construction of semisubmersible drilling rigs and built offshore installations at Aker VindholmenShip Yard in Arendal, Norway. The need for fireproof panels cleared the path for establishing a factory for production of marine interior wall panels – Aker Panels.

In 2019 Norac started assessing and compensating for emissions related to the organization and panel production.

Norac has expanded into other industrial areas, but our core business is still Marine Interior Systems.
When Norac established its fully-owned subsidiary UAB Norac in Lithuania in 2006, the business quickly grew into an efficient production company, which currently has approx. 400 employees.

Norac established Norac Suzhou in China. The aim was to cover the Asian market.
Norac offers turnkey deliveries of complete interior systems including floating floors, wet units, carpets, furniture – even cutlery and sets if wanted.
Norac had the first large delivery of wall and ceiling panels to the Meyer Werft in Germany. This was the introduction to a long lasting co-operation very much thanks to our efficiency and logistics in supplying high quality parts and products on time.

As a consequence of the “Scandinavian Star” tragedy, new safety initiatives were taken, and Norac quickly became a leading supplier of interior systems for cruise ships, ferries and commercial vessels.
In 1982 the company expanded under the new name Norwegian Accomodation Systems – NORAC. At that time our products were introduced to the international market as Norac Marine Interior Systems.
Aker Panel was established in 1973 and made the products and the brand name “Aker Panel” well known in the fast growing Norwegian offshore market. Since the early 1970s our panel systems were recognized as “Aker Panel”, and by some it still is.