Norac References - Cruise, Commercial Vessels, Offshore
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With all the Norac companies combined we have more than 50 years of experience within our field. In addition by housing all these products from the 5 sites we can, as one of very few, offer a single source supply of 100% inhouse made products.


The integration between the various products is taken care of by our engineering teams to secure a supply with minimum frustration.

Of all the ships sailing today we are proud to say that you may very well find one or several of Norac´s products and as one of the key suppliers to the industry we keep on adding to our reference list.

Shipyard/CustomerShipyard/Customer Vessel/ProjectYard no.YearWallsCeilingWet-unitsDoorsFloorVarious
Meyer Werft GmbHDisney Cruise LinesDisney Cruise Lines7052021
ALMACODisney Cruise LinesVega 25172021
ALMACODisney Cruise LinesVega 25162021
MV WerftenGenting Cruise LineGlobal Dream1262021
MV WerftenGenting Cruise LIneGlobal One1252020
Mv WerftenGenting Cruise LineEndouver1242020
Meyer Werft Turku OyAIDA CruisesAidacosma7092021
Meyer Werft GmbHRoyal Carribean International (RCI) Odyssey of the Seas7132020
Meyer Werft GmbHSaga CruiseSpirit of Adventure7152020
Meyer Werft GmbHP&O CruisesIona7102020
ASENAV ShipyardMinke of ShippingMagellan Explorer1832019
TrimlineRoyal CarribeanRapsody of the SeasE31
Fosen YardHurtigruten MS Nordlys2922019Refurbishment
Kleven VerftHurtigruten Fritjof Nansen4012019
Kleven VerftHurtigruten Roald Amundsen4002019
Meyer Turku OyCarnivalMardi Gras13962019
Merima OyCrystal CruisesCrystal Endeavor1242019
LTH BaasCarnivalCosta Smiralda13942019
Meyer Werft GmbHNorwegian Cruise LineNorwegian Encore7082019
Meyer Werft GmbHSaga CruiseSpirit of Discovery7142019
ASENAV ShipyardPelee Island -CandaPelee Islander 21812018
DeRossiHurtigruten Richard With1032018Refurbishment
Meyer Werft GmbHRoyal Carribean InternationalSpectrum of the Seas7002018
Meyer Werft GmbHAIDA CruisesAidaNova6962018
ASENAV ShipyardCruceros AustralisVentus Australis1822017
Meyer Werft GmbHNorwegian Cruise LineNorwegian Bliss7072017
Meyer Werft GmbHNorwegian Cruise LineNorwegian Joy6942017
Meyer Werft GmbHDream CruisesWorld Dream 7122017
ASENAV ShipyardMaerskMaersk Cutter1722016
Meyer Werft GmbHDream CruisesGenting dream7112016
Meyer Werft GmbHRoyal Carribean International (RCI) Ovation of the Seas6992016
Meyer Werft GmbHRoyal Carribean International (RCI) Anthem of the Seas6982015
Meyer Werft GmbHRoyal Carribean International (RCI) Quantum of the Seas6972014
Meyer Werft GmbHAIDA CruisesAIDAstella6952012
Meyer Werft GmbHNorwegian C'ruise LineNorwegian Escape6932015
Meyer Werft GmbHCelebrity CruisesCelebrity Reflection6912012
Meyer Werft GmbHAIDA Cruises AIDAmar6902012
Meyer Werft GmbHDisney Cruise LineDisney Fantasy6882011
Meyer Werft GmbHNorwegian Cruise LineNorwegian Breakaway6782012
Meyer Werft GmbHCelebrity CruisesCelebrety Silhouette6792011
Meyer Werft GmbHAIDA CruisesAIDAsol6892011
Meyer Werft GmbHCelebrity CruisesCelbrety Eclipse6772010
Meyer Werft GmbHAIDA CruisesAIDAblue6802010
Meyer Werft GmbHDisney Cruise LineDisney Dream6872010
Meyer Werft GmbHAIDA CruisesAIDAluna6602009
Meyer Werft GmbHCelebrity CruisesCelebrety Equinox6762009
Meyer Werft GmbHNorwegian Cruise LineNorwegian Gem6702007
Meyer Werft GmbHNorwegian Cruise LineNorwegian Pearl6692006
Meyer Werft GmbHNorwegian Cruise LinePride of Hawaii6682006
ASENAV ShipyardMaerskMaersk Detector1412006
ASENAV ShipyardMaerskMaersk Dispatcher1402005
Meyer Werft GmbHNorwegian Cruise LineNorwegian Jewel6672005
ASENAV ShipyardMaerskMaersk Nexus1522010
ASENAV ShipyardMaerskMaersk Nomad1512009
ASENAV ShipyardCruceros AustralisStella Australis1592009
Meyer Werft GmbHAIDA CruisesAIDAbella6662008
Meyer Werft GmbHPelayaran Nasional IndonesiaGunung Dempo6642008
Meyer Werft GmbHRoyal Carribean International (RCI) Jewel of the Seas6582004
Meyer Werft GmbHRoyal Carribean International (RCI) Serenade of the Seas6572003
Meyer Werft GmbHStar CruisesSuperStar Virgo6471999
Meyer Werft GmbHStar CruisesSuperStar Leo6461999
Meyer Werft GmbHP&O Cruises Aurora6402000
Meyer Werft GmbHCelebrity CruisesMercury6391997
Meyer Werft GmbHCelebrity CruisesGalaxy6381996
Meyer Werft GmbHCelebrity CruisesCentury6371995
Meyer Werft GmbHP&O CruisesOriana6361995
Chantiers de l'AtlantiqueQueen Mary 22003
PlatiumDubai Port2003
Astilleros GondanSea Cloud Kreuzfarten"Sea Cloud II"4052003
Meyer Werft GmbHRoyal Carribean International"Brilliance of the Seas"6562002
Meyer Werft GmbHNCL/Star Cruises"Norwegian Dawn"6492002
Detyens Shipyard, Inc.Holland America Line"Prinsendam"Refit2002
Fosen Mek. VerkstedResidensea"The World"712002
Fosen Mek. VerkstedTroms Fylkes DS"Trollfjord"722002
Fosen Mek. VerkstedTroms Fylkes DS"Midnatsol"732002
Cassens-WerftColumbus Seereisen"SunBay" II2352002
Cassens-WerftUS Interests"Orion"2362002
Fr. Lürssen WerftUndisclosed"Pelorus"136002002
Kleven VerftOVDS"Finnmarken"2922002
Jos. L. Meyer GmbHNCL/Star Cruises"Norwegian Star"6482001
van der Giessen de NoordUndisclosed"Triton"9832001
Aker MTWAida Cruises Ltd."Aida II" & "Aida III"32001
Aker MTWAida Cruises Ltd."Aida II" & "Aida III"42001
Cassens-WerftColumbus Seereisen"SunBay" I2282001
Jos. L. Meyer GmbHRoyal Carribean International"Radiance of the Seas"6552000
Kværner Masa YardCarnival Corporation"Carnival Spirit"4992000
Fosen Mek. VerkstedAnek Lines"Olympic Champion"692000
Fosen Mek. VerkstedAnek Lines"Hellenic Spirit"702000
van der Giessen de NoordFast Ferries"Blue Star II"9782000
Blohm & Voss, GmbHFast Ferries"Olympia Voyager"9612000
Blohm & Voss, GmbHRoyal Olympic Cruises"Olympia Explorer"9622000
MerwedeStar Clipper Inc."Royal Clipper"refurb.2000
LangebrüggeStar Clipper Inc."Star Clipper" & "Star Flyer"2000
Jos. L. Meyer GmbHBrittany Ferries6501999
Kværner Masa YardPrestige Cruises"Costa Atlantica"4981999
van der Giessen de NoordFast Ferries"Blue Star I"9761999
Chantiers de l'AtlantiqueFestival Cruises"EuropeanVision"V-31
Chantiers de l'AtlantiqueFestival Cruises"European Dream"X-31
Chantiers de l'AtlantiqueRCCL"Millennium"R-31
Chantiers de l'AtlantiqueRCCL"Infinity"S-331
Chantiers de l'AtlantiqueRCCL"Summit"T-31
Chantiers de l'AtlantiqueRCCL"Constalation"U-31
Kværner Masa YardRoyal Carribean Cruise Line"Voyager of the Seas"1345
Kværner Masa YardRoyal Carribean Cruise Line"Explorer of the Seas"1345
Kværner Masa YardRoyal Carribean Cruise Line"Adventure of the Seas"1346
Kværner Masa YardRoyal Carribean Cruise Line1347
Cammel Laird"Sunbird"
Samsung Heavy IndustriesMinoan Lines1279
Samsung Heavy IndustriesMinoan Lines1280
Chantiers de l'AtlantiqueRCCL"Souvereign of the Seas"
Kleven VerftOVDS"Nordnorge"2661996
Kleven VerftOVDS"Nordkapp"2651995
Ulstein VerftTFDS"Polarlys"2231996
Langsten Verft Zegluga Polska S.A."Polonia"1631994
Chantiers de l'AtlantiqueRCCL"Dreamward" 1992
Chantiers de l'AtlantiqueRCCL"Windward" 1992
Chantiers de l'AtlantiqueRCCL"Monarch of the Seas" 1991
Chantiers de l'AtlantiqueRCCL"Majesty of the Seas" 1991
Meyer Werft GmbHViking Line/Silja LineSilja Europe6271993
Shipyard/CustomerOwner/OperatorVessel/ProjectYard no.YearWallsCeilingWet unitsDoorsVarious
Marine ProcurementGulf Ship3372021
Marine ProcurementGulf Ship3362021
Marine ProcurementEstaleiro Navship LTDAHull 1432021
Marine ProcurementTAmpa Ship3352021
Marine ProcurementTAmpa Ship3342021
Marine ProcurementTAmpa Ship3332021
Marine ProcurementTAmpa Ship3322021
Marine ProcurementEstaleiro Navship LTDAHull 1282021
Marine ProcurementEstaleiro Navship LTDAHull 1422021
Beerens InteriorAmels 242062020
Turquoise YachtNB662020
Aros MarineRN Shipping AS682020
Aros MarineRN Shipping AS672020
Beerens InteriorAmels 1804762019
Uzmar ShipbuildingKuwait Oil & Co.NB1252019
Bugge&GjertsenStena LineStena Saga 12522019
Aros MarineBarbara Khrahulik2019Refurbishment
Alia Yacht Interiors2019
MyklebustAkofsAkofs Seafarer2019
NavshipEdison Chouest Offshore1422018
Kleven verftMaerskMaker3872018
Kleven verftMaerskMover3862018
Ulstein Verft ASColor LineColor Hybrid3112018
Emar servicesBrittish Columbia Ferry ServicesNorthern Seawolf2018
Lido marine422018
Lido marine412018
Fitjar MekaniskeKystverket402018
LA ShipEdison Chouest OffshoreChampion3252017
LA ShipEdison Chouest OffshoreChallenger3262017
North AmericanEdison Chouest OffshoreCommander3202017
North AmericanEdison Chouest OffshoreCouragous3212017
North AmericanEdison Chouest OffshoreContender3242017
Gulf shipEdison Chouest OffshoreElrington3152017
Gulf shipEdison Chouest OffshoreLatouche3162017
Gulf shipEdison Chouest OffshoreBainbridge3172017
Gulf shipEdison Chouest OffshoreIngot3182017
Tampa shipEdison Chouest Offshore3092017
Tampa shipEdison Chouest Offshore3112017
Tampa shipEdison Chouest Offshore3122017
Tampa shipEdison Chouest Offshore3142017
Kleven verftMaerskMinder3852017
Kleven verftMaerskMobiliser3842017
Kleven verftMaerskMaster3832017
Kleven verftNKTVictoria3722017
Ulstein Verft ASPrivate YacthOlivia O3072017
Kleven verftMaerskMariner3822016
Ulstein Verft ASBS OffshoreWindea La Cour3092015
Ulstein Verft ASBS OffshoreWindea Leibniz3102015
SimekGulf Rederi ASNorth Barents1312015
SimekEdison Chouest OffshoreC-warrior1332015
NavshipEdison Chouest OffshoreHull 1412015
Gulf shipEdison Chouest OffshoreHull 3012015
LA ShipEdison Chouest OffshoreMarsh IslandHull 3022015
NavshipEdison Chouest OffshoreHull 1392015
NavshipEdison Chouest OffshoreHull 1382015
Nort AmericanEdison Chouest OffshoreHull 3062015
Meyer Werft GmbHBundesministerium für Bildung und ForschungSonne530Research vessel
ASENAV ShipyardMaerskMaersk Clipper1712014■ ■ ■ ■ 
Kleven Myklebyst VerftVolstad Maritime ASGrand Canyon IINB 3762014
Kleven Myklebust VerftVolstad Maritime ASGrand Canyon IIINB 3772014
Tampa shipEdison Chouest OffshoreParadise IslandHull 2942014
Nort AmericanEdison Chouest OffshorePelican IslandHull 2952014
LA ShipEdison Chouest OffshoreStim Star IVHull 2962014
Gulf shipEdison Chouest OffshoreDauphin IslandHull 2972014
Tampa shipEdison Chouest OffshoreHull 2982014
LA ShipEdison Chouest OffshoreWine IslandHull 2992014
NavshipEdison Chouest OffshoreHull 1372014
Baltic Workboats901262014
Vard AccommodationNB 7572014
SimekFletcher Shipping LtdFS CygnusNB 1282014
AsenavNB 1722014
Ulstein Verft ASBlue Ship InvestBlue KingNB 3062014
Ulstein Verft ASBlue Ship InvestBlue QueenNB 3052014
Ulstein Verft ASBlue Ship InvestBlue VikingNB 3042014
Ulstein Verft ASBlue Ship InvestBlue StormNB 3032014
BD Systems Europe6863 Covill & Bane2014
Isowest ASMF Reinøy2014
Intership LimitedIntership LimitedBarge Olympia2014
Vard AccommodationNB 8142014
Ulstein Verft ASIsland OffshoreIsland PerformerNB 3012014
R&M Ship InteriorVard SøviknesNB 8002014
Vard AccommodationNB 7772014
Vard AccommodationNB 8212014
UzmarNB 642013
Trimline LtdArcadia2013
Vard AccommodationNB 8202013
Vard AccommodationNB 8162013
Vard AccommodationNB 8152013
BD Systems Europe117/120982013
R&M Ship InteriorBesiktas B322013
Tat Wai Enterprise Pte LtdRockwater 22013
WIS Marine GmbHNB 2178-2182013
Vard AccommodationNB 8252013
BD Systems Europe6713 Covill & Bane2013
Vard AccommodationNB 809-8102013
Vard AccommodationNB 8112013
Vard AccommodationNB 8172013
Isowest ASRefurbishmentLofoten2014
WIS Marine GmbHWind Turbine service vessel2013
R&M Ship InteriorSTX BrevikNB 7852013
Kleven Myklebust VerftSanco Shipping ASSanco SwordNB 3582013
Vestnes Ocean ASNB 1132013
Ulstein Verft ASGC RieberPolar OnyxNB 3002013
Trimline LtdJ114692013
Ship Interior Systems LLCDakota Creek Hull 592013
R&M Ship InteriorNB 11-12-13-142013
STX OSV AccommodationNB 7942013
STX OSV AccommodationNB 7932013
SimekSimon Møkster Rederi ASStril ServerNB 1272013
Lido NorwayOV Skumvær2013
SimekGulf Rederi ASNorth CyrusNB1302013
SimekGulf Rederi ASNorth PomorNB 1292013
BD Systems Europe127/13001 Solan2013
R&M Ship InteriorSTX SøviknesNB 7992013
Kleven Myklebust VerftSanco Shipping ASSanco SwiftNB 3552013
BD Systems Europe123/12650 Covill & Bane2013
AsenavNB 1712013
STX OSV AccommodationNB 7762012
STX OSV AccommodationNB 7682012
Ship Interior Systems LLCDakota Creek 2282012
R&M Ship InteriorSTX BrevikNB 7842012
STXosv LangsteinNB 767-786-7872012
STXosv BrattvågNB 745-746-747-7792012
UlsteinSeismicNB 2952012
Bergen Group FosenFerryNB 88-89
STXosv SøviknesSupplyNB 7732012
Bergen Group FosenSeismicNB 89-90
Jos. L. Meyer GmbH (NeptunAnthony VederLNG Tanker6652012
UzmarNB 58-59-60-61-62-632012
SimekSupplyNB 126
ASENAV ShipyardMaerskMaersk Nexus1522010■ ■ ■ ■ 
NorisolLangsteinNB 711-712-713-7142010
Bergen SkipsinnredningBrattvågNB 724-7252010
R&M Ship InteriorHavyard LeirvikNB 1012010
Meyer Werft GmbHHarpain Reederei, HamburgGaschem Antarctic6862010
ASENAV ShipyardMaerskMaersk Nomad1512009■ ■ ■ ■ 
Meyer Werft GmbHHarpain Reederei, HamburgGaschem Adriatic6852009
Meyer Werft GmbHHarpain Reederei, HamburgGaschem Pacific6842008
Meyer Werft GmbHHarpain Reederei, HamburgGaschem Nordsee6832008
Meyer Werft GmbHHarpain Reederei, HamburgClipper Hermod6822008
Meyer Werft GmbHHarpain Reederei, HamburgClipper Hermes6812007
Meyer Werft GmbHSolvang ASA/ Clipper HelenGass carrier6542007
Meyer Werft GmbHSolvang ASA/ HebeGass carrier6532007
ASENAV ShipyardMaerskMaersk Detector1412006■ ■ ■ ■ 
ASENAV ShipyardMaerskMaersk Dispatcher1402005■ ■ ■ ■ 
Meyer Werft GmbHContainer shipBarmbek6742004
Meyer Werft GmbHContainer shipReinbek6722004
Meyer Werft GmbHContainer shipEilbek6712004
Marc-PlanNB 8322003
LarsnesNB 422003
NP LienKNM Vidar2003
GabadiJan de NullDredger3692003
GabadiJan de NullDredger3682003
Aker Søviknes1372003
Aker Langstein1902003
Kleven Florø AS1442003
Cant. Navale di Pesaro1132003
ISA, Ancona882003
ISA, Ancona892003
Fincantieri, AnconaRORO60612003
Myklebust Mek. Verksted A/SDOFSupplyYN 362003
Kleven Verft ASStatoil Norge ASSupplyYN 3032002
Kleven Verft ASStatoil Norge ASSupplyYN 3012002
Aker Aukra ASUtkilens Rederi ASTankerYN 1082002
Aker Aukra ASEidesvik ASSupplyYN 1052002
Astilleros ZamaconaDe Breet Offshore Inc.FishingYN 5362002
Astilleros ZamaconaDe Breet Offshore Inc.FishingYN 5372002
Brattvaag Skipsverft ASNorwegian InterestsSupplyYN 972002
Brattvaag Skipsverft ASGulf Offshore NSSupplyYN 942002
Brevik Construction A/SSwire Pacific OffshoreSupplyYN 242002
Brevik Construction A/SSwire Pacific OffshoreSupplyYN 252002
Itajai SAVariousYN 1122002
Itajai SAVariousYN 1132002
Krasnoye Sormovo ShipyardPR 196142002
Langsten Slip & Båtbyggeri ASHavila Supply ASASupplyYN 1952002
Langsten Slip & Båtbyggeri ASHavila Supply ASASupplyYN 1962002
Langsten Slip & Båtbyggeri ASMaersk Supply ServiceSupplyYN 1882002
Langsten Slip & Båtbyggeri ASMaersk Supply ServiceSupplyYN 1892002
Langsten Slip & Båtbyggeri ASClearwater Ocean PrawnsFishingYN 1872002
Langsten Slip & Båtbyggeri ASVariousSupplyYN 1812002
Oma Båtbyggeri ASVariousYN 5162002
Solstrand Verft A/SArctic Swan KSFishingYN 752002
Ulstein VerftSupplyYN 2682002
Ulstein VerftSupplyYN 2652002
Ulstein VerftSupplyYN 2632002
Volhardingen GroupCargoYN 5152002
Vaagland Båtbyggeri ASVariousYN 1312002
Vaagland Båtbyggeri ASVariousYN 1322002
IZAR SestaoJan de Nul NVDredgerYN 3222001
Aker Aukra ASEidesvik ASSupplyYN 1042001
AsenavVariousYN 1312001
AsenavVariousYN 1322001
AsenavVariousYN 1332001
AsenavVariousYN 1342001
Bijlsma BVVariousCargoYN 6992001
Bijlsma BVVariousCargoYN 7002001
Bijlsma BVVariousCargoYN 7012001
Brattvaag Skipsverft ASGreat Eastern Shipping Co LtdSupplyYN 792001
Brattvaag Skipsverft ASSupplyYN 742001
DamenVariousYN 93402001
DamenVariousYN  93412001
Flekkefjord Slipp & Maskinfabrikk ASFDSFerryYN 1652001
Havyard Leirvik ASTrico Supply ASASupplyYN 782001
Havyard Leirvik ASTrico Supply ASASupplyYN 792001
Havyard Leirvik ASSupplyYN 802001
IZAR SestaoToa Corp.DredgerYN 3202001
Odense Steel ShipyardA.P. MøllerContainerYN 1812001
Odense Steel ShipyardA.P. MøllerContainerYN 1902001
Simek A/STidewater Marine IncSupplyYN 1062001
Simek A/SSecunda Marine ServicesSupplyYN 1032001
Simek A/SInternational Offshore ServiceSupplyYN 1052001
Simek A/SInternational Offshore ServiceSupplyYN 1072001
Simek A/SVariousSupplyYN 992001
Simek A/SVariousSupplyYN 1012001
TransnaveVariousTugYN 011 - 0122001
Ulstein VerftSupplyYN 2622001
van der Giessen de NoordDredgerYN 9872001
van der Giessen de NoordDredgerYN 9882001
Volhardingen GroupCargoYN 4252001
Volhardingen GroupCargoYN 4272001
Volhardingen GroupCargoYN 5062001
Jaya ShipbuildingYN 8202000
MerwedeVariousDredgerYN 6862000
MerwedeVariousDredgerYN 6922000
Myklebust Mek. Verksted A/SFishingYN 262000
Myklebust Mek. Verksted A/SFishingYN 282000
Odense Steel ShipyardA.P. MøllerContainerYN 1712000
Odense Steel ShipyardA.P. MøllerContainerYN 1762000
Odense Steel ShipyardA.P. MøllerContainerYN 1802000
Odense Steel ShipyardA.P. MøllerContainerYN 1772000
Søviknes Verft ASYN 1292000
Søviknes Verft ASYN 1302000
van der Giessen de NoordDredgerYN 9792000
van der Giessen de NoordDredgerYN 9802000
Admiralty Shipyard, St.PetersburgLukoilTankerYN 27332000
DamenVariousYN 19412000
DamenVariousYN 19422000
DamenVariousYN 19432000
DamenVariousYN 19442000
DamenVariousYN 19322000
DamenVariousYN 19332000
DamenVariousYN 19342000
Kleven Florø ASAlianca DeutschlandTankerYN 1472000
Kleven Florø ASOdfjell ASAChemical tankerYN 1432000
Kleven Florø ASVariousTankerYN 1392000
Kleven Florø ASVariousTankerYN 1402000
Kleven Florø ASVariousTankerYN 1412000
Kleven Florø ASVariousTankerYN 1422000
Kleven Florø ASVariousTankerYN 1452000
Klevent Verft ASVariousYN 2882000
Klevent Verft ASVariousYN 2892000
Klevent Verft ASVariousYN 2902000
Klevent Verft ASSolstad Shipping ASSupplyYN 2952000
Klevent Verft ASSolstad Shipping ASSupplyYN 2962000
Solstrand Verft A/SVariousFishingYN 702000
Søviknes Verft ASGulf Offshore NSSupplyYN 1392000
Søviknes Verft ASHavila Supply ASASupplyYN 1352000
Aker Aukra ASYN 1011999
Brattvaag Skipsverft ASVariousCable shipYN 901999
Brattvaag Skipsverft ASVariousCable shipYN 911999
Brattvaag Skipsverft ASVariousCable shipYN 921999
Admiralty Shipyard, St.PetersburgLukoilTankerYN 27301999
Admiralty Shipyard, St.PetersburgLukoilTankerYN 27311999
Admiralty Shipyard, St.PetersburgLukoilTankerYN 27321999
Mjellem & Karlsen VerftBN 1551999
Tille ScheepsYN 19101999
Meyer Werft GmbHSolvang ASA/ Clipper HaraldGas CarrierYN 6521999
Meyer Werft GmbHSolvang ASA/ Clipper VikingGas CarrierYN 6511998
ABG ShipyardLys-Line ASContainerYN 1531998
ABG ShipyardLys-Line ASContainerYN 1541998
ABG ShipyardLys-Line ASContainerYN 1551998
AESA Puerto RealY. No. 851998
AESA SestaoY. No. 3151998
JiangnanEktank ABTankerYN 22371998
JiangnanEktank ABTankerYN 22381998
Kværner FlorøY. No. 1371998
Kværner Florø ASY. No. 1381998
Kværner Kleven ASY. No. 2781998
Kværner Kleven ASY. No. 2751998
Lystad Innredning ASM/S Kronprins Harald1998
Odense Steel ShipyardA.P. MøllerContainerYN 7001998
Odense Steel ShipyardA.P. MøllerContainerYN 7031998
Simek ASY. No. 951998
Simek ASY. No. 891998
AESA Puerto RealY. No. 831997
AESA SestaoY. No.3081997
Begej ShipyardY. No. 2261997
Begej ShipyardY. No. 2251997
Begej ShipyardY. No. 2241997
Dalian New ShipyardY. No. BC460-91997
Dalian New ShipyardBC460-81997
Fosen Mek. VerkstedY. No. 571997
Fosen Mek. VerkstedY. No. 571997
Fosen Mek. Verksted ASY. No. 671997
Frisian Shipyard WelgelegenY. No. 5071997
Frisian Shipyard WelgelegenY. No. 5061997
HusumerY. No. 15261997
Kværner FlorøY. No. 1361997
Kværner FlorøY. No. 1351997
Kværner GovenY. No. 3141997
Kværner KlevenY. No. 2741997
Kværner Kleven UlsteinvikY. No. 2731997
Laksevåg VerftMS Bergen1997
LF Merino Design1997
MarmaraY. No. 0571997
MarmaraY. No. 0561997
SietasY. No. 11821997
SietasY. No. 11811997
SimekY. No. 931997
SimekY. No. 941997
VerolmeY. No. 10291997
Flekkefjord Slipp & Maskinfabrikk ASVariousSupplyYN 1721996
Amur Shipbuilding PlantY. no. 3441996
Amur Shipbuilding PlantY. no. 3451996
Dalian New ShipyardY. no. BC460-41996
Flensburger Shiffbau GmbHY. no. 6921996
Frisian Shipyard 5051996
FSPO P.P. Moraes1996
Husumer WerftY. no. 15231996
Kværner Florø ASY. no. 1331996
Marmara 0551996
Marmara 0541996
Motorenwerke GmbHY. no. 2351996
Neue Brand WerftY. no. 2481996
Neue Brand WerftY. no. 2471996
SvendborgClausen 101996
Dalian New ShipyardY. no. BC460-31995
Dalian New BC460-21995
Dalian New BC460-11995
Dalian 280-11995
Elbe Werft, Boizenburg1995 1841995
Flensburger Shiffbau GmbHY. no. 6871995
Flensburger Shiffbau 6911995
Frisian Shipyard 5041995
Kværner Kleven Leirvik 2671995
Marmara 0511995
Svendborg 2061995
Svendborg 2071995
Volkswerft GmbH 4041995
Volkswerft GmbH 4051995
Fosen Mek. 561994
Kværner Florø 2531994
Volkswerft GmbH 3191994
Volkswerft GmbH 3351994
Kværner Florø 2521993
Volkswerft GmbH 3031993
Kværner Kleven Florø A/ 1251992
Volkswerft GmbH 3021992
Volkswerft GmbH 3011992
Constantza Ship 4831991
Kværner Kleven Florø A/ 1241991
Kværner Kleven Florø A/ 1231990
Kværner Kleven Florø A/ 1221990
Ulstein Hatlø A/ 2151990
Burmeister & Wain Skipsværft A/ 9231987
Burmeister & Wain Skipsværft A/ 9241987
Burmeister & Wain Skipsværft A/ 9251987
A.M. Liaaen A/S / Ikas A/ 1461986
Blohm + Voss AG - Thyssen Nordsee 4901986
Blohm + Voss AG - Thyssen Nordsee 4891986
Nye Fredrikstad Mek. 4431986
Sterkoder Mek. Verksted A/ 1101986
Sterkoder Mek. Verksted A/ 1091986
Blohm + Voss AG / Dalian C-120-61985
Blohm + Voss AG / Dalian SkipyardY. no. C-120-51984
Blohm + Voss AG / Dalian C-120-41983
Trosvik Verft A/ 1381983
Admiralty Shipyard, St.PetersburgLukoilTankerYN 2734
AsenavVariousYN 130
Barkmeijer StroobosYN 1898
Brevik Construction A/SHagenæs Shipping ASSupplyYN 23
Brevik Construction A/SSwire Pacific OffshoreSupplyYN 22
Brevik Construction A/SFarstad Shipping ASASupplyYN 21
Brevik Construction A/SVariousSupplyYN 16
Brevik Construction A/SVariousSupplyYN 17
Brevik Construction A/SVariousSupplyYN 18
Brevik Construction A/SVariousSupplyYN 19
Brevik Construction A/SVariousSupplyYN 20
Båtservice VerftBN 690
Cantiere Navale di PesaroMontanari, NavigazioneTankerYN 88
Cantiere Navale di PesaroMontanari, NavigazioneTankerYN 89
Fiskerstrand Verft ASTFDSFerryYN 50
Fiskerstrand Verft ASBjorkilds Ferjerederi ASFerryYN 49
Flekkefjord Slipp & Maskinfabrikk ASPaspaley Perling CompanyFishingYN 167
Flekkefjord Slipp & Maskinfabrikk ASRogaland TrafikkselskapFerryYN 168
Flekkefjord Slipp & Maskinfabrikk ASVariousSupplyYN 170
Flekkefjord Slipp & Maskinfabrikk ASVariousSupplyYN 171
Flekkefjord Slipp & Maskinfabrikk ASSupplyYN 173
Itajai SAVariousYN 111
JiangnanEktank ABTankerYN 2289
Mjellem & Karlsen VerftKV “Andenes”
Morini SpA, Cantiere Navale
AnconaAugusta Due SrlTankerYN 271
Northern ShipyardYN 597
Oma Båtbyggeri ASVariousYN 517
Remontowa GdanskAlkatell1801
Remontowa GdanskAlkatell1901
Solstrand Verft A/SHavfisk ASFishingYN 76
Solstrand Verft A/SVariousFishingYN 69
Ulstein VerftSupplyYN 261
Ulstein VerftCable shipYN 257
Ulstein VerftCable shipYN 258
van der Giessen de NoordDredgerYN 989
Volhardingen GroupCargoYN 426
Shipyard/Customer Owner/Operator Vessel/ProjectYearWallsCeilingWet unitsDoorsWindowsVariousFloorComments
Marine ProcurementMV Bongo2021
Leirvik ASVår EnergiJotun AS2020
Emtunga SolutionsBP ExplorationACE LQ 2020
Sembcorp MarineEquinorJohan Castberg 2020
EmtungaRowan Norway LimitedRowan Stavanger2019
AibelEquinorNjord B2019
Leirvik ASWintershallBrage2019
Leirvik ASEquinorPeregrino II2019
Leirvik ASEquinorNjord A2018Refurbishment
Chantiers de l’Atlantique project referenceArkona Offshore Wind FarmQ342018
Chantiers de l’Atlantique project referenceArkona Offshore Wind FarmP342018
LeirvikEquinorJohan Sverdrup LQ2018
Samsung Heavy Ind, KoreaStatoilMartin Linge Topside2016 A- & B-rated walls
CKT MarineStatoilAasta Hansteen LQ2016Internal & external A-rated doors and windows.
Hyundai Heavy Ind.StatoilAasta Hansteen Topside2016 Internal & external A-rated doors and windows.
DSME, KoreaStatoilGina Krog Topside2015 Internal & external A-rated doors and windows.
Mustang, SMOEDet NorskeIvar Aasen Topside2015 Internal & external A-rated doors and windows.
Nantong Cosco,Dana PetroleumN 4872015Internal & external A and H-rated doors.
Nantong Cosco,Axis OffshoreN 500 & N 5032014Internal & external A and H-rated doors.
Apply LeirvikDet NorskeIvar Aasen LQ2014Internal & external A-rated doors and windows.
Apply LeirvikStatoilGina Krog LQ2014Internal & external A-rated doors and windows.
Iemants, BelgiumDong EnergyGodewind2014Internal & external A-rated doors.
Actual BuilderSarawak Shell PetroleumMalikai 2014Int. & ext hinged and windows A & H class
Jurong ShipyardSea DrillWest Rigel2014Int. & ext hinged and ext. pneum. sliding A class
Navalmare, ItalyENI CongoLitchendjili Platform2014Internal & external A-rated doors.
Rosseti Marino, ItalyShellClipper LQ2014 Internal & external A-rated doors.
Samsung Heavy Ind, KoreaStatoilFSU 2099 2014Internal A- and B-rated doors
Rosseti Marino, ItalyFoxtrot Int.Marlin Plattform2014 Internal & external A-rated doors.
KværnerLundinEdvard Grieg LQ2014A-60 windows
Samsung Heavy Ind, KoreaStatoilFSU 2067 Mariner2013 Internal A- and B-rated doors
Aker StordConocoPhillipsEldfisk2013A-60 windows
Yantai CIMC Raffles Offshore COSL H256-COSL Prospector2013External and internal A doors
Yantai CIMC Raffles Offshore North Sea Rigs ASH270-North Dragon2013External and internal A doors
Jurong ShipyardPROSAFEProsafe GVA3000E - 2 rigs2013Int. & ext hinged and ext. pneum. sliding A & H class
Kværner StordConocoPhillipsEldfisk 2/72013A-60 windows
Keppel FelsFLOATEL2013External pneum and el. operated A-60 sl.doors
COSCO Dalian ShipyardPETROBRASP74, P75, P76, P77 Accom.2013External A60 doors and windows
Bladt Ind. DenmarkDong EnergyBorkum Riffgrund2013Internal & external A-rated doors and windows.
Yantai CIMC Raffles OffshoreCOSL 4H270-North Dragon2013External and internal A doors
Jurong ShipyardSea DrillWest Linus2013Internal hinged and external pneum. sliding
Meyer WerftCoral EnergyAnthony Veder, Rotterdam 2013
Keppel FelsMærsk, DenmarkMaersk CJ70 Jackup - 3 rigs. 2012-13H-120 and A60 pneumatic sl.doors
AibelABB / TennerDolwin II2012-13Internal & external A-rated doors.
Bladt Ind. DenmarkDong EnergyNorthwind2011-12External offshore doors.
Bladt Ind. DenmarkDong EnergyAnholt Plattform2011-12External offshore doors.
SMOE, SingaporeConoco Philips Greater Ekofisk 2/4 L (LQ)2011-2012
Markhus, SingaporeMaster Marine, Conoco PhilipsL 205, PLQ2010
Keppel Sea Scan, Singapore2010H-60 rated windows
Skema SPA, ItalyAgip KCOProcess and utility buildings2010H-class external doors, A-class int doors
Aker SolutionsBPBP Oselvar2010Ext and int H- and A-class doors
FSUEewmash, SeverodvinskPrirazlomnaya Platform2010Ext and int H- and A-class doors
Markhus, SingaporeMarine Accurate Well ASAGM 4000, Island Innovator2010Internal & external A-rated doors.
Keppel Sea Scan, Singapore B 3022009External pneum A-60 sl.doors
Wison Heavy Industry, NantongHull 1112009External pneum A-60 slidingdoors
Skema SPA, ItalyAgip KCOProcess and utility buildings2009H-class external doors, A-class int doors
SLP, UKBPValhall LQ2009Inernal doors B- and A-class
AibelConocoPhillipsEkofisk 2/4 B GAP Escape routes2009 External pneum A-60 and H-60 sliding doors
National Oilwell, NorwayMiscMisc cont projects2009External A-60 doors
Flexmodule/Markhus NorwayMaster Marine, Conoco PhilipsAdditional Living Quarter 2009-10A-60 windows, A- and H-class doors
Leirvik M T, NorwayStatoilTroll LQ extention2008-2009A-60 windows and glazed walls
Hyundai Heavy IndustriesAbu Dhabi Marine Oper. CompUMM-SHAIF Gas Injection Field2008A-60 sliding and hinged
Skema Tozzi, ItalyAgipAGIP KCO, Local Equipment rooms2008Ext H-120 + Int A60
Nantong Shipyard, ChinaSevan MarineSevan SM4572008A-60 sliding and hinged
Carioca C-N Engenharia SA,BrasilPetrobrasLNG Terminal2008A-60 windows
Leirvik M T, NorwayStatoilTroll LQ extention2008A-60 windows
Estaleiro Maua, BrasilPetrobrasPlatform of Mexilhao 1 (PMXL-1)2008Int. and ext. Hinged and sl. Doors + windows
Sevan MarineSevan MarineVoyageur2008A-60 sliding and hinged
Leirvik M TStatoilGjøa LQ2007-2008A-60
Lukoil, RussiaLukoilPlatform LSP22007
Shin Han, KoreaWest E-drill2007A-60 sliding
Aker KværnerWest E-drill2007A-60 sliding
Samsung Heavy Ind, KoreaWest E-drill2007A-60 sliding
Leirvik M TMCR, Aker H-6E, drilling rig2007A-60 windows
Pharmadule EmtungaAdriatic2007Ext H-120 + A60
Aker KværnerBPBP Ula upgrade2007Ext H-120 + Int A60, sliding & hinged
Sevan MarineSM429 Hummingbird2007Ext H-120 + A60
Nymo, NorwayORS Puioneer Drilling Rig 12007
Vetco AibelVincent2007
Leirvik M TOseberg Øst2006Ext windows and doors A60 hinge + sliding
Rosetti Marino, ItalyHalvdan LQ2006A-60 sliding
Tozzi Sud, ItalyAgipAGIP KCO, Local Equipment rooms2006Ext H-120 + Int A60
Leirvik M TSnorre2006
Shipyard "Zvezdochka"Arkticheskaya Jack up rig2006Std and el.heated
Kværner EgersundKhasagan project barge 9 and 102006
FSUEewmash, SeverodvinskPrirazlomnaya Platform2006Ext + int, hinge + sliding
Kværner EgersundConoco PhilipsEkofisk 2/4M processing2006
SmedvigWest Venture, upgrade2005
Hyundai Heavy Ind.BPFPSO Plutonio2005
MecTool, UKBPFPSO Plutonio2005
Vetco AibelVolve2005
Leirvik M TTroll C2005
Sakhalin Eneregy Inv.Astock-Molypaq Platform2005Internal sliding
Vyborg, RussiaPrirazlomnaya Platform2005Internal hinged + sliding
Total E&P, CongoTOTALUgrade2005Ext A-60
Markhus, SingaporeAlvheim FPSO2005Ext + int, hinge + sliding
GE Nuovo Pignone, Italy2005Ext H-120
Franz Isella, Italy2004
Pharmadule EmtungaStatoilKristin LQ2004
Franz Isella, Italy2004
Leirvik MT ASBPClair2003
Marc-PlanSanta Fe Intl. Corp.2003
Iran Marine Ind. CompanyPipe Laying Barge2003
On siteSEICMoliqpak - refit cabins2003
PTSCPetroVietnamRang Dong2003
On siteStatoilStatfjord C - refit 66 cabins2003
Victor Lenac / EuroplanCROSCO"Labin" - refit complete accommodation2003
EmtungaStatoilKristin LQ2003
On siteStatoilStatfjord A - refit Central CTR2003
Fels SetalFPDS P-502003
On siteStatoilStatfjord A - refit 34 cabins2003
FlexmoduleValhall flank North + South2003
On siteStatoilSleipner A - refit 128 cabins2003
Aker Offshore PartnerSnorre TLP2003
DCS EngineeringAgipSouth Pars SPD 5&62003
Leirvik MT ASBPClair2003
Franzisella, ItalySabrata2003
Schmidt Ind. FranceElf Kongo2002
Leirvik MT ASOseberg Sør2002
On siteNorsk Hydro"Jotun A" - refit2002
On site"Veslefrikk" - refit cabins2002
FlexmoduleExmar OffshoreLB 4000 Barge LQ2002
Leirvik MT ASVisund - refit2002
Leirvik Sveis ASStatoil"Sleipner Øst"2002
Heerema TønsbergESSO"Ringhorne"2002
Exxon Mobil"Kizomba A"2002
SembawangMaersk Olje og Gas"Halfdan" LQ2002
Hyundai Heavy Ind.MaerskJack-up 22002
Hyundai Heavy Ind.MaerskJack-up 12001
PPL ShipyardGlobal Santa Fe CorpP-1822001
Kværner WarnowStena Drilling"Stena Don"2001
WescoMobile Exxon"Zafiro"2001
PTSCPetroVietnam"White Tiger"2001
Leirvik Sveis ASNorsk Hydro"Snorre B"2000
Leirvik Sveis ASStatoil"Huldra"2000
Leirvik Sveis ASStatoil"Kvitebjørn"2000
Kværner RosenbergStatoil"Åsgard B"1999
Keppel FelsSanta Fe Intl. Corp."Galaxy III"1999
Keppel FelsSanta Fe Intl. Corp."Galaxy II"1999
Keppel FelsEnsco Offshore Corp.YN B2461999
Harland & WolffGlobal Marine DrillingYN 1739 & 17401999
PPL ShipyardSEDCO Forex"Cajun Express"1999
Keppel FelsSmedvig"West Future"1998
Leirvik Sveis ASNorsk Hydro"Troll C"1998
Hitachi ZosenStatoil"Åsgard A"1997
SLP EnginStatoil"Siri"1997
Leirvik Sveis ASNorsk Hydro"Visund"1997
Leirvik Sveis ASNorsk Hydro"Troll C"1998
Keppel FelsStatoil"Norne"1995
Leirvik Sveis ASNorsk Hydro"Troll Olje"1994
Kristiansand Mek.Norsk Hydro"Troll Gass"
Kristiansand Mek.Norsk Hydro"Brage"
Leirvik Sveis ASNorsk Hydro"Njord"
Leirvik Sveis ASNorsk HydroOseberg Øst
EmtungaNorsk Hydro"Jotun"
EmtungaNorsk Hydro"Grane"
Keppel FelsSaga Petroleum"Varg"
Leirvik Sveis ASA/S Norske Shell"Draugen"
Kværner RosenbergConoco"Heidrun"
Aker StordPhillips"Ekofisk 2/4J
Umoe HaugesundPhillips"Ekofisk 2/4X
Amfels ShipyardTransocean"Transocean Marianis"
TDI Halter ShipyardEnsco Offshore Corp.Maricaibo 1,2 & 3
PPL ShipyardSchlumberger Oilfield ServicesYN 1137
Jaya ShipbuildingJaya OffshoreVarious
Eiffel Constr.ELF"Amenam"
Shipyard/Customer Owner/Operator Vessel/ProjectYard no.YearWallsCeilingWet unitsDoors
Ocean VentureOcean VentureMS Munin2021
Kleven VerftNordbasKVN0022020
Lido MarineSeihaust HoldingSeihaust422019
Fosen YardGrip Artic2019
R&M Fitjar MekaniskeHordafjellNB 482019
Myklebust VerftUK Fisheries LimitedKirkella3962017
Myklebust VerftCompagnie des Peches Saint-Malo & EURONOREmeraude3952017
Myklebust VerftDeutsche Fischfang-Union GMBH & Co. KGBerlin3932017
Myklebust VerftDeutsche Fischfang-Union GMBH & Co. KGCuxhaven3922017
Kleven VerftGitte Henning ASGitte Henning3942017
Dakota Creek IndustriesAmerica's Finest632016
Dakota Creek IndustriesBlue North622016
SimekAntares Fishing CompanyAntares1322016
VestværftetNB 3032014
VestværftetNB 3042014
VestværftetNB 3052014
Ship Interior Systems LLCCoastal Freezer2014
Ship Interior Systems LLCST155L2014
Larsnes Straumberg ASMS StraumbergNB 512013
R&M Ship InteriorVaagland BåtbyggeriNB 1452013
Maritime Interior SRLST-1172013
STX OSV AccommodationNB 788-789-7902012
SimekNB 1252012
Shipyard/Customer Owner/Operator Vessel/ProjectYard no.YearWallsCeilingWet unitsDoorsVarious
SGSIndian NavyIAC 1 INS Vikrant/ Indigenous Aircraft Carrier 1 2021
Vard Norwegian GovermentMarjata 7772012
Odense Danish NavyIver Huitfeldt F3617142011
Odense Danish NavyPeter Willemoes F3627152011
Odense Danish NavyNiels Juel F3637162012
Naval Tecnica
Shipyard/Customer Owner/OperatorVessel/ProjectYard no.YearWallsCeilingWet unitsDoors
Vard AccomodationNB9282021
R&M Ship Interior ASChina Merchant Heavy Industry (CMHI)B-682021
China Merchant Heavy Industry (CMHI)VIND Offshore Installation ASNN2021
Leirvik ASVår EnergiJotun A2021
Control Contracting and Trading Company EUNSUNG CONSTRUCTION - SEOUL, SOUTH KOREAJopetwil 300P3742020
R&M Ship Interior AS/ Fitjar Mekaniske VerkstedCetus ASVikingbank Purse Seiner2712020
Lido Marine SL/ Astilleros Gondan SAØstensjø Rederi2172020
Lido Marine SL/ Astilleros Gondan SANVC370C4862019
Rotterdam/ Lido MarineHeeremaThialf / Refurbishment2019
Baatbygg/ Lido Marine Engenes HavfiskeCape Arkona2019
Fitjar Mekaniske Verksted/ Lido Marine Cetus ASCetus412019
Gondan Shipbuilders/ Lido MarinePrestfjord Seafoods A/SFreezing Stern Trawler4802019
Belov Off-Shore Industrial LTDA PetrobrasAmaralina / Dive support vessel 2019
Belov Off-Shore Industrial LTDA PetrobrasHumaita / Dive support vessel 2019
Carmell LairdRRS Sir David Attenborough2019
Carmel`s Tekno LtdWariboko2019
MarkhusMarine Accurate Well ASAGM 40002010